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Dr. Arash Hakhamian, DDS
Keynote Speaker


Dr. Arash Hakhamian DDS, Co-founder and CEO of Dentulu, comes from a long line of dental and medical professionals. He graduated with College Honors, Departmental Honors, and Latin honors from UCLA and was accepted and went onto graduating from USC School of Dentistry with honors with an emphasis on providing care to medically compromised patients.


Dr. Hakhamian has a passion for international Volunteer work and has traveled to Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Belize, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Vietnam, Jordon, Colombia and many other impoverished nations providing 100% free dental surgeries/services using mobile dental equipment designed to service under served populations in remote locations. Dr. Hakhamian is also the founder and organizer for Global Health Summit which takes pre-medical students to 3rd world countries to assist in medical missions. Dr. Hakhamian is an official dentist for the Special Olympics. 

Dentulu is a comprehensive digital solution for Teledentistry and Mobile Dentistry On Demand. The Uberization of Dentistry aims to facilitate the connection between patients and Dental Professionals with the use of mobile and web based applications along with custom built mobile dental equipment and digital intra-oral cameras packaged for mobile clinicians. The goal is to decrease costs, enhance access to care, and improve communication using technological advancements on a HIPAA compliant platform. 

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