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Andrew Walshe, Ph.D.
Keynote Speaker


"Dr. Andrew Walshe is a globally recognized leader in elite performance enhancement across numerous organizations and institutions in his field, including the Olympic Committees,  the Armed Forces, Fortune 500 companies, technology companies, artists and athletes. 
> Previously he was the Director of High Performance for Red Bull's global athlete development program where he worked with hundreds of international athletes and supervised a team of industry-leading sports scientists, nutritionists, biomechanics experts and sports psychologists to develop elite sports performance models.
> Andy's professional interests are focused on delivering pragmatic solutions to explore all kinds of human potential; Toward this goal, he has founded “Glimpses”, the annual Human Potential Red Bull conference, designed a highly successful performance program for the U.S Olympic ski and snowboard teams and has been an advisor to numerous multi-disciplinary organizations."

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